Ken Tui was the very the first company, to provide In-Room massage service in Hotels in this model of 24/7 call since 2003. We keep the commitment to the quality of care and service, facilitating teamwork with several luxury hotels in the city of Amsterdam.

We invite you to indulge and experience the ultimate in massage & wellness. Experience our unique In-Room Massage by Ken Tui. Relax and unwind and allow our expert team of therapists to guide you on a journey of total relaxation and pure indulgence.

It’s also possible to enjoy a massage at our practice very close to the Amsterdam city centre.



Ken Tui was founded in 2003 by Elaine de Oliveira and Yolanda Muntz. The name Ken Tui was inspired by the symbols of the I Ching; an ancient Chinese book of transformations and life. Ken (mountain) is an element of nature that conveys strength and solidity, while Tui (lake) symbolizes serenity, peace and tranquility, Together they form a perfect example of balance and harmony.
At Hotels or at our clinic located at Rozengracht (partnership with Bem Estar) in Amsterdam, we can help you to relax and/or to address specific health problems.  If your body is free of energy blockages, you will become stronger and healthier. The body’s ability to recover itself can be enhanced.



foto elaineI’m Brazilian, living in Holland for several years, with over 20 years of experience in the area of body therapies and specialization in Chinese Medicine.
I always wanted to work with people in a direct way and body therapies are a great way to do it. I love to help people to achieve deep and therapeutical relaxation of body, mind and spirit.
Through these years I have treated many different types of clients, businessmen and women, sports men and women, celebrities and vips, also dear employees from Hotels we work in partnership. I use to say that for that our, the person on the massage table is the most important person in the world and must be treated accordingly.
I also enjoy very much to share my experience through trainings and workshops , giving other professionals, practical tools to improve their skills.
Share is care.