For yoursef:
Do you want to became a massage therapist? care about others? Have interest in body therapies? Or are you already a therapist and want to improve your skills?
With about 25 years experience and training in different eastern and western techniques, I offer trainings for begginers and experienced professionals, both techniques and costumer service for the luxury market.

For your team:
When Spa professionals ask me, “What separates a successful business from a failing one?” To sum up the answer very short, I have to say “SPA TRAINING.” Though there are many key factors that contribute to success, the most important is training your team.
Usually the investment for a luxury Spa is high, and intending to offer the best environment, are expend thousands or millions to build a incredible place. Great! Think that in the end, much of the evaluation, and reviews, will come from the treatment itself and who performs it.
Since 2003, I work with 4, 5 star hotels and boutique hotels and Spas in several European countries such as Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Lisboa, Berlim, and Brazil, mostly São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, also as a consultant for spa’s team trainings, creating menus-treatments and procedures, Spa service standarts and training also for no-therapists.
Being a therapist myself, I deliver a very practical and, yet, detailed programme for your team.
To find out more please call for a consultation.

Michael Jordan says “practice does not equal perfect, perfect practice equals perfect.”