What our clients say about us

Jewel in the crown, by Eileen Larkin (The Journal – New Castle, UK) (at Durley House – London):
“On arrival I enjoyed a “siesta”in a wonderful bed, followed by a massage in the suite’s lounge, where I found the curtains drawn, candles lit and soft music, while Elaine de Oliveira, the therapist of the house, sent me to Paradise.
Elaine came from Amsterdam where she lives and works at her practice Ken Tui, especially to attend the guests of Hotel this weekend. She does this once a month for the Durley House.
The holistic treatment approach that Elaine proposes is a complex combination of Eastern and Western techniques and knowledge.”

“ I have been in Spas all around the world, I have received countless massages and body therapies, but what you do is something different”. – Donna Karan – Fashion Designer New York – (At The Dylan – Amsterdam)

“The best massage I have ever received!” – Pharrel Williams – Singer and Music Producer EUA – (At the Dylan – Amsterdam)

“One of the things I most admire in Elaine, besides her professionalism and knowledge, is the way she treats everyone with equal attention and care, making no difference if the client is a celebrity or our receptionist. She always sees the human element.” – Stella Love – the Durley House Manager London

“For over 15 years I suffered from a sore back and pain in my left leg. The doctors couldn’t figured out how to solve it. Elaine diagnosed and treated my sciatic nerve and in few months the pain was gone! My life has changed!”
– Marieke Van Der Broek – Amsterdam

“For years I felt pain in my shoulder and all treatments had effectiveness. Because of the pain I was not sleeping well felt depressed, also because this problem was affecting my work. Elaine treated me with massage techniques and acupuncture and in a few weeks I could sleep an entire night without pain, what hasn’t happend for many years! Today I feel great and I can move my arm without problems.” – Maria de Lourdes Costa – Housekeeper at Dylan Hotel – Amsterdam

“Working with a health and beauty website in England, I have attended many spas, received several and various treatments, but I had never experienced anything like what Elaine offers; after a session of about an hour, we sat to talk and she talked  to me about my characteristics and elucidated me doubts that years of conventional therapy had not reached! The technique developed by her is really something new! “ – Claire Kellock – Health Consultant – London

“You have fairy hands!” – Simon Le Bon – Singer, lead singer of Duran Duran – London (At Dylan – Amsterdam)

“I arrived at Elaine’s practice with a problem called ‘frozen shoulder’. He could not move his left arm and depended on people to get dressed or even comb your hair. I felt pain day and night and the doctors had told me they could not do nothing but infiltration of cortisone, which was making no effect and that the process of the recovery cycle would take about two years. Elaine applied a special technique for problem shoulders and in a few weeks the pain was virtually gone and I could already move his arm. “ – Lise van Dijk – Amsterdam

“I suffered for over two years with pain in my arm, caused by repetitive stress, I had to stop working and went into depression. After numerous treatments without success, Elaine took care of my body but also my mind and emotions, which, for me, was instrumental in my recovery. I regained health, but also the motivation to create a new project of life! – Martha Campos – Rio de Janeiro

“Elaine is a professional who perfectly combines technique and sensitivity. She took care of my body and my mind, helping me to find the answers I searched for years without realizing that they were very close, within myself.”
– Zdenka Beck-Bauer – Lawyer – London

“Her treatment is worth a million dollars!” – Eve Lom – beautician and cosmetologist – London

“Elaine sent me to Paradise … Her techniques involving the care of body and mind are simply breathtaking! I had never experienced anything like it!” – Eileen Larkin – Publisher The Journal – New Castle – London

”I met Elaine few years ago and since the first meeting she brought me a lot of peace and comfort, it was always a pleasure to have a massage with her, I could be happy or sad that day and always ended up coming out of the session feeling lighter. Elaine turned out to be a dear friend, she is very good and has a beautiful soul. Now that she moved to Amsterdam will miss her… Elaine’s hands are precious, the best relaxing massage I’ve ever received.” – Daniella Sarahyba –  Top Model – Rio de Janeiro