Corporate Wellness

corporate-wellnessQuality of life for your Business

Ken Tui develops quality of life customized for companies, education institutions and public institutions. To make the concept of quality of life an integral part of corporate culture, through sustainable and continuous processes, provide employees the stability and inner balance needed to address the many pressures of working life, adding good physical and emotional being to your teams and increasing its results.
Reliable researches have shown that when you invest in your employees well-being you reduce absenteeism, increase work performance,  and improve employee morale/ loyalty. Therapeutic massage and/or chair massage at your workplace reduce stress, improve concentration for intense workload or creative writing, prevent and relieve repetitive strain injuries, alleviate neck, back, and shoulder pain.
Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly .or temporary visits as an incentive or reward are all possible.
To find out more please call for a consultation.


The focus is on streching, relaxing the body and calming the mind.
Small groups especially planned for the needs of your team or clients.
Private classes are possible for hotel guests.